Statistics prove that most leads are lost if not claimed in under a few minutes. Statistics also show that online web browsers may only spend a few precious seconds visiting your website. You need to be the first to respond to consumers at their exact moment of need and you need to do it fast. Otherwise, you risk losing the opportunity to connect with a prospect who wants your business or service.

The CNipIT plug-in and mobile app play an instrumental role in helping companies close more business faster. It’s easy, direct connect feature allows sales and customer success representatives to instantaneously connect to potential buyers at the exact moment that potential buyer has a need for more information. The backend dashboard then allows you to manage everything from a high but sophisticated level.



Generate more inquiries from your website.

CNipIT captures consumer’s at their moment of intent and gives them immediate access to
employees knowledgeable about your business and available to respond… fast.


Add to your website easily.

CNipIT is free for the first 30 days and only $8.49/user per month after that, with no contract or commitments. With a single line of JavaScript code, you can add a high-impact call-to- action to your website. You can customize our CNipIT lead capture pop-up to match your brand and website colors, translate it into other languages, and set timing to match visitor behavior.


Qualify, Claim and Communicate with leads in seconds.

CNipIT consolidates leads from your website as well as from third party sources, and routes
them to CNipIT’s mobile app, so representatives can begin the sales process with motivated
buyers instantly.


Monitor progress from the moment the lead arrives.

With CNipIT’s mobile app, employees can view their lead history for claimed and missed leads, add notes based on conversations with the consumer, and tag leads by sales stage. Manager’s office admins can also reassign leads to ensure every lead receives an immediate response to their inquiry.


Get Top of Funnel analytics and agent accountability.

With the online dashboard, managers have full visibility into their leads by source and geography, as well as team uptime and lead response times. Easy setup for lead source and CRM integration, and custom routing options.