Getting the most out of remote employees means changing the way you connect, monitor and reward workers and their performance. Continuously overseeing and monitoring your workers in a shared office space is a thing of the past. Your business’ success has always been and will continue to be tied to the level of responsiveness and quality you provide to your customers. Working virtually and managing a largely remote workforce means you need to experiment with new technology and ways to keep your employees connected, motivated and performing at the highest levels.

The CNipIT technology was specifically designed for businesses who want to increase their online lead capture via their websites and social media – and be able to track the responsiveness and performance of their employees on the go or working remotely. It is more relevant now than ever. The technology was developed with a mature, intuitive dashboard and top of funnel analytics that can be accessed in the palm of your hand using the Connect Now sleek mobile app.

5 ways to maximize managing your remote employees with CNipIT:


Connect website visitors instantaneously with your remote employees and integrate with
your CRM, simply by adding a single line of code to any business website.


Set up your remote employees and offices with customizable routing options.


Access and analyze all of your connection details, real-time metrics for any connections
claimed or missed and each of your employee response times.


Reassign any missed connection so all website visitors requesting assistance receive a response… fast.


Measure ROI for each contact source to optimize your advertising spend.