Are you going to remain open now, even when your doors are closed?
CNipIT is here to help you stay open in these difficult times.


Now Your Employees
Can Respond to Website Visitors
Instantly from Anywhere!

Imagine how much more business you could win if website visitors received a response from a live person at the moment of intent – even if that person is working remotely. Better yet, stop imagining and start doing with CNipIT!


Connect at the
Moment of Intent

Easily install CNipIT by adding a single line of code to your website to create a high-impact call to action. Every visitor is routed to your employees – wherever they are – based on customizable rules and availability.


Not a chat bot or annoying game of phone tag, your remote employees connect with motivated visitors instantly, in their moment of need to provide instant gratification. That’s the power of CNipIT!

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Boost Responsiveness & Your Bottom Line




CNipIT shows website visitors who is available to help them – all in just a matter of seconds.




Alert onsite and/or remote employees at the exact moment a prospect wants assistance.




Track who’s working, when they’re working, who they connected to, with all the details.




Instant response plus transparency of employees’ actions powers greater success!

Robust Top of Funnel Analytics, Intuitive Interface.
Monitor Every Connection from the Moment It Arrives.

  • The CNipIT Dashboard

    • Easily set up CNipIT capture for your website and integrate with your CRM
    • Quickly set up your remote employees and offices with customizable routing options
    • Access real-time metrics for all connections claimed or missed, connection details, and each employee’s response times
    • Reassign any missed connection so all web visitors requesting assistance receive a response… fast
    • Measure ROI for each contact source to optimize your advertising spend

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